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The Definitive Analysis of Palm Pre App Install Limits and the Palm App Catalog Hanging

After the Preware 0.9.4 release, which included Applications, Themes, and Patches, and offers over 670 homebrew packages for installation, we (  started getting reports of the Palm App Catalog “hanging” the user interface for 30 seconds or more when the installation of a new application is initiated, but only when the Package Manager Service (the […]

The WebOS Internals Meta-Doctor

Palm supplies Palm Pre owners with this wonderful recovery tool called the webOS Doctor.  Part of the charter of the WebOS Internals project is to ensure that anything we (or anyone following instructions we publish or installing packages we develop) do can always be reverted using the webOS Doctor. Usually, a Palm Pre is required […]

Palm Pre GPS doesn’t like my hemisphere

It seems the Palm Pre GPS was never tested in the southern hemisphere – my new Pre’s GPS reports Lat: 394.6, Long: 138.6 24926.609       PUB     call    460             :1.26   com.palm.location       //getCurrentPosition  «string=“{}”, string=“com.sfmpllc.sendmylocation 1058”» 24926.641       PRV   […]

The Palm Pre lands in Australia

Thanks to the generosity of the PreCentral and WebOS Internals communities, I am now the proud owner of a Palm Pre. There is just one catch  – since I live in Australia (which uses a proper cellular communications standard), the CDMA Palm Pre that I was able to import from the USA will never work […]

Syncing Treo650 with Google Contacts using CompanionLink for Google

In preparation for a possible move from my Treo 650 to the new Palm Pre, I’ve decided to try and synchronise my contacts between the Treo and Google Contacts. So I’m evaluating CompanionLink for Google as a possible tool to achieve this. Another option might be GooSync. I tried syncing some sample contacts in both […]

Connecting a Treo650 to a Freecom DataTank 2

Install bluez2-utils from Optware Install the following kernel modules: bluetooth, hci_usb, l2cap, bnep, rfcomm, hidp Create /dev/rfcomm0 as follows: mknod /dev/rfcomm0 c 216 0 Enable routing from ppp0 to eth1 (don’t do this if you use ppp for your internet connection): /etc/init.d # diff -u routing.orig routing — routing.orig Sat Mar 22 18:57:23 2008 +++ […]

Five new NSLU2 firmware releases in five days

In the last five days, we have made five new NSLU2 firmware releases: 2007-12-31 – Unslung 6.10-beta Release 2007-12-30 – SlugOS 4.8-beta Release 2007-12-29 – OpenWrt/NSLU2 Kamikaze 7.09 Release 2007-12-28 – Angstrom/NSLU2 2007.12 Release 2007-12-27 – Debian/NSLU2 Stable 4.0r2 Release All of these new releases are available at See for an explanation of […]

Setting the OpenMoko timezone

If you want to set the timezone on your phone correctly, do the following: ipkg install tzdata ipkg install your desired tzdata-* packages.  For instance, I use “tzdata-australia“. Enable your desired timezone by symlinking it to “/etc/localtime“.  Adjust the following example command line for your locality. ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/Australia/Adelaide /etc/localtime The “date” command should now […]

Intercepting hotplug on the Freecom FSG-3

The Freecom FSG-3 wireless storage router has four USB ports, and has support for hotplug built into the kernel.  This makes it ideal for use as a docking station for OpenMoko phones. Unfortunately, it does not have the normal hotplug agent scripts that you expect to find on a desktop Linux distribution. So you have […]

Replacing dropbear with openssh

I prefer to use OpenSSH rather than Dropbear on my devices.  The main reason is to get sftp support (which is required by sshfs).  Another reason is to get better support for agent forwarding (which is essential for bouncing from one machine to another without leaving your private keys all over the internet). To do […]