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Notes about the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

Using vncserver on the Nokia N800

There is a VNC Server available for the Nokia N800. Install x11vnc from Select Extras->x11vnc to run it Open VNC Viewer on your desktop and connect to <your-n800-hostname-or-ip-address>:0 Some key bindings that I have found: F3 Selects the Applications icon in the task navigator F4 Opens the menu for the current application F6 Toggles […]

Maemo Links

I’ll use this blog entry to record various Maemo-related links that I find.

Setting up my Nokia N800

I’m going to use this blog entry to capture everything I do to my new Nokia N800 when setting it up. Hopefully this will serve as a resource to other N800 users, but will also serve as a record for my own use in case I need to reinstall everything at a future date. Download […]

Adding a new timezone to osso-clock

The set of cities included in the Nokia N800 does not include any city in my home timezone (GMT+9:30, Australian Central Standard Time). Luckily, I’ve worked out how to add one (the following is an example for my home city of Adelaide): Edit /usr/share/osso-clock/wdb-parsed.txt and add the following line: Adelaide|AU|Australia|Australia/Adelaide|1280|650|en_AU (The 1280 and 650 numbers […]

Changing an Internet radio channel name on the Nokia N800

If you add a new Internet radio channel to your media player library, and it gets some weird name that you don’t like, you can easily change it by editing /home/user/.mediaplayer-engine/radiochannels.m3u