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Syncing Treo650 with Google Contacts using CompanionLink for Google

In preparation for a possible move from my Treo 650 to the new Palm Pre, I’ve decided to try and synchronise my contacts between the Treo and Google Contacts. So I’m evaluating CompanionLink for Google as a possible tool to achieve this. Another option might be GooSync. I tried syncing some sample contacts in both […]

Connecting a Treo650 to a Freecom DataTank 2

Install bluez2-utils from Optware Install the following kernel modules: bluetooth, hci_usb, l2cap, bnep, rfcomm, hidp Create /dev/rfcomm0 as follows: mknod /dev/rfcomm0 c 216 0 Enable routing from ppp0 to eth1 (don’t do this if you use ppp for your internet connection): /etc/init.d # diff -u routing.orig routing — routing.orig Sat Mar 22 18:57:23 2008 +++ […]

Connecting a Treo650 to an OpenEmbedded-based firmware distribution

The following should work for an NSLU2 running SlugOS or Angstrom, or a device running OpenMoko. Install the required kernel modules for bluetooth ipkg install kernel-module-hci-usb kernel-module-l2cap kernel-module-rfcomm depmod -a ipkg install bluez-utils Edit /etc/default/bluetooth to enable hcid and dund. Change the pin and host settings in /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf, and make sure that the class is […]