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OpenMoko Emulator ready for general use

The MokoMakefile now has support for automatically building, flashing, and running the new OpenMoko emulator (which is based on QEMU).

“make qemu” will build qemu-neo1973, download the latest official openmoko images, flash the images into the virtual NAND flash, and run the emulator.

Other targets are “make download-images” (to download the latest official images), “make flash-qemu-official” (to flash those images) and “make flash-qemu-local” (which will flash your latest locally built images), which can then be followed by “make run-qemu” or “make run-qemu-snapshot” to run the emulator with the most recently flashed images.

Make sure you have the “lynx” and “netpbm” packages installed on your build host first.