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Connecting a Treo650 to an OpenEmbedded-based firmware distribution

The following should work for an NSLU2 running SlugOS or Angstrom, or a device running OpenMoko.

  • Install the required kernel modules for bluetooth
    • ipkg install kernel-module-hci-usb kernel-module-l2cap kernel-module-rfcomm
    • depmod -a
    • ipkg install bluez-utils
  • Edit /etc/default/bluetooth to enable hcid and dund.
  • Change the pin and host settings in /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf, and make sure that the class is 0x3e0100 (not the default value, which is for a PDA like a Zaurus, not a “Computer” device like the Neo which can accept and route tcp/ip network connections coming in over dund or pand on the bluetooth network)
  • Reboot and test with ‘hciconfig’ with a bluetooth dongle plugged in.
  • Install the required kernel modules for ppp
    • ipkg install kernel-module-ppp-async kernel-module-bsd-comp kernel-module-ppp-deflate
    • depmod -a
    • ipkg install ppp
  • Edit /etc/ppp/options as follows:

    ms-dns 192.168.1.ZZ

    (edit the last two lines to suit your network topology, the first IP address
    is your gateway device, the second IP address will be assigned to the client,
    and the third IP address is your DNS server)